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F-PIC's PROGRAM: Futsal Player Identification Camps:

2016 Futsal Canada U13/14 Girls Team with US Youth Futsal

Our F-PIC's program is the first of its kind in Canada and features tryouts for elite futsal boys and girls players that compete against the United States Youth Futsal National Teams. The aim is to present high performance opportunities through some of the top futsal coaches in North America to our top youth players and prepare them for international competition.

The program started in 2014 when Canada faced the United States at the Pan American Sports Centre in Toronto. Tryouts and assessments run in November and the three-day competition runs after Christmas and finishes before New Year's Eve. There are 14 spots available on each of the four teams (two boys and two girls) before engaging in an intense and tremendously valuable training camp to prepare for the matches. The camp is led by Canadian National Team Assistant Coach Lorenzo Redwood as part of a team of six elite coaches.

We are looking first and foremost for motivated and dedicated players who wish to be identified and trained in preparations for future international competitions. Futsal has its own World Cup through FIFA and the Youth Olympics in 2018 in Argentina will inclue futsal for the first time. Next tryouts will take place in Vancouver, Saskatoon, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal in the fall.


Futsal Canada will be hosting their first coaching courses in the fall which will be presented by a world renowned international futsal coach. Participation will be limited to 30 coaches. To start, Montreal and Toronto will be the first cities to offer the course with a short-term aim at bringing it to Saskatchewan and BC.



Our referee certification programs that will enhance and enrich current offerings in the country. The purpose is to educate existing and future futsal referees on the FIFA Laws of the Game so that Canadian leagues can develop under the same laws and principles. Our Futsal Referee Committee is made up of highly respected officials and assessors that aim to assist current and aspiring referees to become the best that they can be.